PVM was at Museo de Informática (Computer Museum)

In november 2017 the Museo de Infomática of Argentina held an exhibit of Pungas de Villa Martelli's productions running on their retro and modern computers and screens.
The peak point of the exhibit was during the "night of the museums" when thousands of people attended.

You can watch a video here.

New music collection for C64: Argentine Songbook vol.1!

We present "Argentine Songbook Vol. 1" a Commodore 64 computer music album with 8 bit renditions of argentinian music tracks in different genres. In this album we propose a re-interpretation of our national music through the use of technology considered obsolete, underground or plainly discarded by todays system and technologic standards, that however set the foundation for today's artistic trends.

You can get it on our releases page and watch it on youtube on our media page.

A music disk for Commodore 64 done by PVM!

This music disc is called "¡Arriba las manos!" (Hands up!) and can be run on any C64. It contains about half an hour worth of music including original songs by our members Co Mu, Los pat moritas, and one original song and various sid covers by Uctumi. This couldn't have been possible without the esoteric and intimate code of riq and munshkr; picassian brush strokes and hieroglyph charsets of alakran and arlequin; arachnic bugfixes of munshkr; dope petsciis of acid and telephatic collaboration from the rest of the pungas...

You can get it on our releases page and watch it on youtube on our media page.

Exploding a C64 art bomb at the biggest cultural event in Latin America

In April 30th, 2016 we exploded a bomb of SID music and PETSCII art in the biggest cultural event of Latin America, The performance was done with two Commodore 64 and other electronic artifacts @ Bibliotecas de la Ciudad, Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires.

High resolution capitalism'a proletariats in charge of the digital strike were, by alphabetical order DESC: Uctumi, Petscii Cola, Naku/Los Los Pat Moritas, Co Mu and Arlequin.

PVM Instagram and Twitter

Hi friends! We forgot to let you know that we have twitter and instagram!

You can follow us there too!

PVM at Blipblop

We will be performing live music and visuals at Blipblop PARTY in Buenos Aires. See you there!

PVM on Synchrony 2016

We had a successful participation in Synchrony 2016, New York. Check out "Flow ahead" by Uctumi / PVM entered at SYNCHRONY 2016 combined music compo. Awarded with 2nd place. "Porro", SID song by Naku. 2nd place in the Oldskool demo category.

PVM on Facebook

Although this webpage still being developed we have landed on facebook, you can visit us here.

PVM in Attitude #16

Octavo / PVM participation in Zoo 2015 was covered by the most important C64 demoscene magazine. You can check it here.

ZOO 2015 comments & entries

We participated in Zoo 2015 (Finland), bringing several C64 sid releases full of cumbia and native sounds. It was an amazing experiencie, thank you to the organizers, TRIAD and several other guys. You can check the releases at:

http://csdb.dk/release/?id=142322 http://csdb.dk/release/?id=142330 http://csdb.dk/release/?id=142313 http://csdb.dk/release/?id=142328

Or listen them in the Media section of this webpage.

See you soon!

PVM song included in OpenMPT

Geekodelic tracked song by Uctumi was included in OpenMPT as part of the demo tunes. You can download this great tracker from here.

New joins

Plenty of exception new members (coders, pixel artists and musicians) joined to PVM, as for example Co Mu, Naku, Alakran, The Woz, Riq, Petscii cola, Gabo and others. We want to give them a warm welcome and keep Pungas rolling.

Pungas Attack online demo

We released our first online demo in Edison 2015 (Sweden). It was our first demoscene party entry after a few years, and it worth the effort! Check it out here.

Finally back

Something weird happened a our lives. We were a bit asleep but an intergalactic message from the future came to our mind saying: Time to back to life.